Contact us ahead of time & we can send you shipping tags.

We gladly accept trophies from outside of our home area. We can also ship your trophies to you from our facility.

If you are planning a trip & we will be mounting your trophies we can provide you with shipping tags. Please notify us before shipping any trophies. Packages must be shipped via U.P.S. only & must be shipped "Next Day" or "2 Day Priority" depending on time of year if the trophies have been frozen. If they have been salted & dried please call to discuss the options. Most competent outfitters & or guides will skin, salt, dry, & prepare the animal for shipping to our studio. Make sure to include your name, address, phone number(s), e-mail, & any license numbers. We will contact you the same day or day after the shipment arrives. Once we have the trophies we will set up a time with you to discuss the project. We are not a production studio & we spend the needed time to ensure you have a trophy you will be proud of for years to come; though we are able to offer an average turnaround time of 6-10 months on most mounts from the time the deposit is received. This is not a hobby for us it is a business.

Trophies shipped from with in the U.S.

Before shipping any animal make sure it is in compliance with federal ,state, & local game laws. We will not accept any illegally taken game. All game must have the proper tags or license.

Unskinned game should be frozen solid prior to shipping. Salted hides should be boxed when dry. Do not wrap any salted hides in any kind of plastic. Doing this may result in the trophy being rendered unmountable. Any packaging that does not allow the skin to breath may cause it to retain moisture causing damage.

Please make sure the package(s) are properly marked with our shipping information & inside have your contact information. Please insure all packages.

Our shipping address is:
Your Name c/o
Soggy Bottom Taxidermy
233 Wild Rose Dr.
Guyton GA 31312

International Trophies

Trophies outside the U.S. will require the use of a customs broker. We suggest Coppersmith Inc.

Coppersmith Inc.
114 SouthField Parkway Suite 130
Forest Park, GA 30297
Phone: (404) 366-1650 • Fax: (404) 366-1649

Although not mandatory, making contact with the bokerage firm of your choice before the hunt will speed up the procees & likely save storage cost once your trophies have arrived in the U.S. It also ensures that your trophies will arive at our studio safely & securly.
Once your trophies are complete we will contact you to arange pick-up or some other method of delivery to you. We can ship via U.P.S. ,U.S. Poastal Service or various other methods.