As a national outdoor writer, television host and professional hunter, I get to travel the world living my dream. I have had the opportunity to harvest a number of trophy animals and birds over the years, and each one of them is very special to me. So when I decide to preserve a great memory through taxidermy, there is only one name I trust - Shawn Scott of Soggy Bottom Taxidermy in Guyton, Georgia.
Shawn does so much more than preserve the animal. He actually takes the extra steps to recreate the memory, and that is the ultimate compliment anyone can give to a taxidermist. Recreating the memory by positioning the animal or bird in an actual pose that rekindles the moment is what separates taxidermy from a work of art. Shawn Scott is an artist and all of my hunting and fishing memories find their way to his studio.


It was a pleasure seeing you yesterday in your studio. As always, I was impressed with the quality of your work. Your attention to detail is second to none. I can’t wait to get my 2011 deer back! Hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks You, Ian Gee 4/4/12

I just want to extend my appreciation for the bass mount that you did. You did an excellent job and will recommend you to every person that I know in the fishing world. I am so pleased with this mount that its so realistic. Once again thank you and keep up the AWESOME artistic talents that YOU have been BLESSED with.

Mike Seros, 05/07/2010
I appreciate the repair work you did for me on my fox. It actually looks better after your repairs than it did originally. I would not have trusted the deer I took in Ohio with my bow to anyone but you. The realism you put into your work is outstanding. Soggy Bottom Taxidermy will continue to do all of my work both from the T.V. shows & my personal mounts. Thanks, J.D.Carter Muzzy Pro Staff Age 16